Kalbajar district


The etymology of  the word   “Kelbajer” was taken from Turkic origin  that mean “fortress on the river” (the initial form was “Kevlicher”). “Kevli” means “over the river”, “cher jer” means “fortress”. There are ancient artificial caves made in sequence on the rocks along the river Tartarchay where a residential area is located. Therefore, specialists associate the toponym with kevil/kavl and cher (rock, slope) components in the Old Turkic languages. The oronomycal toponyms in Kalbajar are all of Turkic origin. The names of a number of old Turkic tribes are still represented by these toponyms. During the intense battles that lasted for more than 10 days from March 23 to April 3, 1993, the Azerbaijani forces fought the enemy forces under siege, killing more than 450 fighters and evacuating 60,000 besieged Kalbajarli. The UN Security Council adopted Resolution 822 at its 3205th meeting after the occupation of Kalbajar. In the resolution the immediate withdrawal of Armenian forces from the district and other occupied areas of Azerbaijan. But Armenia has not fulfilled the resolution. Contrary to the principles of the UN and OSCE, Armenians began to be settled in the territory of Kalbajar district since 1999.