Aghdam district


The relief of the region with an area of ​​1,094 square km is mainly plain, partly mountainous. Aghdam region is located in the center of Karabakh, the ancient, charming land of Azerbaijan - in the north-eastern foothills of the Karabakh mountain range, west of the Kur-Araz lowland. The ancient historical monuments of Aghdam, which is considered to be the heart of beautiful Karabakh, have survived through thousands of years. The word "Aghdam" means "small fortress" in ancient Turkish.

The events of June-July 1993 in Ganja and Baku allowed the Armenians to expand offensive operations on the Karabakh front. As the first attack on Aghdam failed, the Armenians concentrated their forces in the direction of Aghdara. On June 26, Aghdara fell to the enemy. After that, two Armenian army corps began operations in the direction of Agdam. The Armenian Army, numbering in the thousands, was opposed by the Azerbaijani National Army, which consisted mainly of volunteers and outnumbered the enemy. The battle, which lasted 42 days, ended with the occupation of Agdam.