About us

“ASAN Volunteers” organization was established by a group of young volunteers who worked at “ASAN service” has always supported youth policy and has been at the forefront in the steps that are taken in this field. All the work done by this organization, allowed the improvement of the youth, realizing their ideas, thus helped them to find their place in the community. The organization that has more than 20.000 volunteers, regularly enforces different projects which help to develop the values of patriotism and statehood. One of the projects that helping to improve the values of patriotism is “Letter to the Soldier” started from 2016, April. 10.000 letters were written for our soldiers to give them moral supports. All written letters have been delivered to Azerbaijani soldiers who serve in different regions of Azerbaijan. We would love to say that the interest in this project is increasing at the moment. Thus, in the “Əsgərə məktub” kiosks in “Asan Service” centers, letters are still being written with the attempts of citizens today.