Shusha district


The area is 310 km², including 1 city, 1 settlement and 37 villages. The area of Shusha is mountainous. The highest top is “ Big Kirs” mountain. Kecheldagh pass is in Shusha district. Mainly, cretaceous and jurassic sediments diffused. There are different kinds of construction material stratum and mineral water springs. ( Turshsu, Shirlan)

Shusha district was occupied by Armenian armed forces on May 8, 1992. During the occupation of Shusha, 195 people were killed, 165 people were wounded, 150 people got disabled, 55 people were captured, 552 children became orphans, about 22,000 people were evicted , 300 historical monuments, 2 sanatoriums, the house museums of prominent people, a tourist base for 70 people and a boarding school for 1200 children were destroyed.