Tartar district


District was founded in 8th may of 1930. It was named Jerabert till 1939 10th September, Mardakert till 1991 and finally Agdere till the abolishment of the district. After cancellation by Azerbaijan government Agdere district was separated between 3 districts that did not belong to Nagorno Karabakh- Tartar, Agdam and Kalbajar. 

Tartar which is too close to Karabakh has suffered enough from Armenian aggression. There has been frequent battles around Tartar because several villages is located near border s. During war there was 307 martyrs in Tartar region. In last 5 years 15 people were killed by the mines that Armenians buried under the ground.

Agdere region, like many territories in Nagorno-Karabakh, came under the control of the Armenian armed forces at the beginning of the Karabakh war. As a result of the attack of the Azerbaijani army in 1992, a large part of the territory of Agdere region was liberated from the Armenian occupiers. For a year, there have been incessant battles in the villages and highlands around the city of Agdere. However, on June 4, 1993, the Ganja uprising took place in Azerbaijan. The army fighting on the Karabakh front joins the uprising.Taking advantage of this, the Armenian army re-occupied the city of Agdere and many villages in the region on June 17, 1993. Although several villages in the former Agdere region are currently under Azerbaijani control, many areas, including the city of Agdere, are under Armenian control.